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Yoga Classes and Services


The Restorative Yoga Practice encourages physical, mental and emotional relaxation.  With the use of props, you will let go and surrender to what is.  This  Practice will be followed by 15-20 minutes of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness between being awake and being asleep. This  is the perfect combined practice as we move through the winter nights. So, what are you waiting for ? Grab your props ( pillows/bolsters, blankets/towels, blocks/heavy books and an eye pillow if you have one)  and get ready to relax ,restore and renew. 

Classes are held online - Wednesday Evenings at 7:30 p.m




In this class, we will create a balance of the physical, mental and energy bodies. You will find a balanced mind-body practice through the use of meditation, asanas(poses) and pranayama(breathwork). We will move to create a sound, healthy body and a clear and peaceful mind. This is an open level yoga class.  There will be modifications for all.

Classes are held online - Saturday mornings at 8:45 am



Maybe you are new to yoga and would love to learn the basics. Maybe you have an injury or limitation  and are interested to learn how to modify so that you can continue with your practice.  These are great

reasons to book a private or semi private class. Please contact us and we will work together to design a plan that is right for you. 


Whether you are interested in bringing Yoga to the workplace, a Bachelorette Party or a Girl's Night    Yoga party for your friends, we would love to plan your event for you. Please contact us to discuss this further.    

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